Rocklahoma 2009 Part I

Thurs July 19th

 So after London, I'm home in NYC for all of a week before I go to the Motherland of Texas to see my family. My mother had five children and all of them but me it seems…

SXSW 2009 Part II - Metallica invades Stubb's

Day 4 - 12 Hours at Stubb's - Metallica - temporary hearing loss

Ok in recent years, instead of a steady build up over the course of five days and climaxing on Saturday, its seems that Thurs and Fri are…

From the Desert to Death Metal: The Percussive Evolution of Josh Homme

 The 80’s - 

     1986                               1987                                     1988                                             1989
 Yawning Man:            Katzenjammer:            Scream:      Sons of Kyuss:              Masters of Reality:

Chelsea Handler - Carnegie Hall Jan 23rd 2009

Nothing says you've arrived like a sold out Friday night gig comedy gig at Carnegie Hall right? You betcha, as the host of E!'s Chelsea Lately and now bestselling author Chelsea Handler started her show guns a blazing to a…

Obama Innaguration Day Washington D.C.

Heavy linen paper and miniscule security threads gave the invite the feel of new currency, but its purple border, puffy embossment, and sparkly foil US Capitol symbol seemed mere flourishes on an otherwise conservative palate—a far cry from Wonka's golden…

Van Halen 2008 Tour Rider

Fresh from rehab, Eddie had wine "mini bottles" stashed on stage   
While Van Halen no longer demands the provision of strippers and controlled substances backstage, the band's most recent concert rider still contains a few gems. The document, excerpted…

Tricky-Kid's Top 15 Music Releases 2008

Tricky-Kid's Top 15 Music Releases 2008

Not so sure these are the "Top" or the "Best" but what we listened to the most that came out this year. Let us know what you think!

Portishead - Third

Good Grief Why I love the melancholy Peanuts holiday specials.

What sound is most evocative of autumn? The crackling of dry leaves? The singsong chant of trick-or-treaters? The zip-zipping of corduroy jeans as you walk down the street? For anyone who remembers watching the original Charlie Brown Christmas…

CMJ 2007

Here is an old review from a panel at CMJ in 2007

CMJ 07
Panel: Stage Diving 101

Posted by webmaster, Thursday, October 18th, 2007

The Stage Diving 101 panel was lucky enough to have one…