2019 TrickyKid Top 10 Cosplayers

I was introduced to the awesome & fascinating world of Cosplay a few years ago - 
Sure I had seen people dressing up at movie premiers and the occasional costume at some nerdier events I've attended but seeing it so mainstream, in full force as an art form, sometimes even competitively so was an unexpected turn of events that led me to attending events & photographing cosplayers on both coasts in everywhere in the middle this year. 
Cosplay has influenced the advertising industry, in which cosplayers are often hired for event work previously assigned to agency models. Thus, new variant of cosplay has developed in which cosplayers attend events mainly for the purpose of modeling their characters for still photography. 
Some cosplayers have since transformed their hobby into profitable, professional careers thus introducing the Pro Cosplayer,. 
Regardless of your an amateur, pro or just a first timer I wanted to recognize the people we met this year. 

Thought I'd mix it up this year (& as also a way to include more cosplayers as we met so many wonderful people this year!) so instead of just showcasing 10 cosplayers this year we are gonna showcase 10 separate cosplays and the 10 best of those we saw this year.

This is in no way some sort of comprehensive list or we think that we know best, just a fun list of fun people we ran into this year that we ranked based on traffic on our site & across our social media platforms. To qualify we had to have met you at least once in 2019, took your picture & you were a kind human being to my staff & I. 


10) Team Rocket

Daria Kulikova




Left: Iron Kitty







9) Bunny Bulma

Beke Jacoba (right)






Shay Suicide (left)
& Belle Delphine (right)






8) Mortal Kombat


Shann Wow














7) Spider man/Mary Jane 


Kat Velasco (left)
& Beke Jacoba (right)







Emily Something (left)
& Rolyat & Vera Bambi (right)






6) Star Wars

Liz Katz (left)
& Shann Wow (right)





Ivy Cosplay
Stacy Cruz (right)







Joanie Brosas (left)











5) Stranger Things/Scoops Ahoy

Nickamelon (left)
& Liz Katz (right)


Jessica Nigiri (left)
& Jaina Produmore






4) Supergirl

Ashley Zaeraphina (left)
Ivy (right)











3) Cammie

Lisa Pinelli



Marianne Fredricks






2) Red Sonja




Maiden Hell





Kay Thomas



Kami FERREIRA (left)
& Katy Decobray (right)





Audrey Fernandez (left)
& Ivy Cosplay (right) 





Ivy Cosplay (left)
& Rachel EFX (right)









1) Vampirella

Kat Velasco (Arabella Kat)







Beke Jacoba




Speedy Cosplay






Maiden Hell


Joanie Brosas





Ashlynn Dae




Paula Irving




Karigan Taylor (left)
Celeste Tinybat (right)



Jenna Lynn Meowri (left)




Danielle Denicola 


Juby Headshot (left)
Ivy Cosplay right)






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