AKON 29: Cosplay Takeover at one of the world's largest Anime & Manga Conventions (June/2018)

Billed as one the largest convention of it's kind Project A-Kon, the annual Anime & Convention Expo, this year being their 29th installment is something that in spite of having little to zero interest or knowledge of anime & it's culture, is an event I've attended every year since 2012.
That year I was hired to DJ a late night rave beginning at midnight. 

Project A-Kon 29 - June 7th-10th - Tarrant County Convention Center - Fort Worth, TX

The first thing you see when you enter the hotel (after you have battled insane parking issues) is that it has been COMPLETELY taken over by the convention. There is no formation or people directing any sort of order, it's just complete MADNESS that gives the event it's pulse that it's patrons seem to thrive on. 
Nothing informs you of that greater/quicker than the sea of awesome Cosplayers EVERYWHERE.


Vphi (left)


Tessa Catsabon (left)
Madi Pettit (right)


Kasa, VaeshawnStarGaze


Monica Zabiki (left)







Kaia (left)
& Heaven (right)









Brianna Apsara (left)








Susu (middle) Devin (right)






Dae Cosplay


Bitsy Hanas (middle) Ashcattb (right as Ninja)


Carol (right)










Heather Morgenstern (left)
Gin (right)




Kayla & Andrea (left)
Kitty Berry (2nd pic on the right)



Mariah Vee (left)
& Missy (right)



Layla, Micchi

Bethany Knox


Photos - 

Roy Turner
Scott Fischer
Cruz Control
Kathy Tran
Hubert Huy
The Mind of Ky
Kenshi Masaki
Christopher Grovantes
Bitsy Hanas





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