AVN 2019 - Scenes from the largest Adult Industry Expo in the world

After skipping last year due to other assignments & obligations I returned to Las Vegas to cover the AVN Adult Industry Expo & for the 4th time in 5 years.
However I did things a bit differently this year as normally as the Expo begins on Wednesday, I usually arrive on Thursday & stay until the AVN Awards ceremony that caps off the industries biggest weekend, often referred to as the "Oscars of Porn". 


For me personally however its the 4 day AVN Expo leading up to the big night that is the most fun. 
A hotbed of networking activity, but also a super fun & often times surreal environment & the best of those terms possible. 
Imagine a convention trade floor with several rooms filled with some of the most desirable women on the planet, most nearly naked or in outfits that would never see the light of day outside the Hard Rock Hotel on a mid-day afternoon. 
It's bustling with corporate ambition & fervor while at the same time there are rows of cams girls in thongs & pasties the entire length of the main hallway performing for a world wide audience, there is truly nothing else like it. 

However, this time as I was headed to California for the NAMM Convention (that ALWAYS seems to take place the same week....can you guys do me a favor & get together so I don't have to choose every year & have this on separate weeks please haha). This time I arrived on Monday & was actually gone by Thursday afternoon. So whereas I only really got a day & half of the Expo & hit a few parties, it allowed me to participate in a few things for the first time such as some of the other events that take place during the Internext Expo, ANE product show & tons of other welcome parties that I always miss & even DJ'd the official AVN Welcome Party this year. And for the first time: Video interviews!

One thing I must disclaim before we go any further: I mentioned this on our weekly podcast on the AVN episode: 
As a legitimate member of the press you would think a certain distinction comes easy but it doesn't. 
If nothing else I refuse to be just another dude asking for pics (& in some fans' cases that bordered on harassment) in a room where unfuckable gross men are the majority, so with that in mind, I took alot less pictures this year & focuses primarily on interviews & meeting people. Here goes:

Now normally this is broken down over 2 to 3 posts + the awards coverage - However this year, this will be the only post but we will pack it all in.

Newest Starlets
Cam Girl Takeover
Most Popular Performers 


Newest Starlets -

For me personally, the most enjoyable part of the Expo is being introduced to all of the newest starlets. I come from a DIY/Punk Rock background so I'm always gonna be supporting & cheering on the underdog or the newest person on the team in any industry. That's not to say that my support wains after they've become more established but it's so enjoyable to meet someone that is here for the first time & see feel their excitement & expectation.

We will also include starlets where it may not be necessary their first time to AVN but they are in fact new to me:


Danni Rivers (left)
& Alexis Taex (right)




Ari Dee

...and winner for best dressed & had the most killer style goes to Ari Dee. Seriously she looks better with her clothes on than most do with their's off. I wanted to get a pic of her in this outfit solo but this was the best I could get. She is amazing & while the style award is our nomination, she was actually nominated for several awards as well as a recent appearance in Penthouse.


w/ MFC Cam Girl (left)
& Zhaddie Grey (right) 










Mandy Meadows (left)
& Jade Baker & Vanna Bardot (right)


Jocelyn Sweets (left)
& Saya Song (right)





Leda Bear (left)
& Rocky Emerson


Renadell Ryder

Ryder was someone that I was completely unfamiliar with prior to the Expo but man she was EVERYWHERE & blowing up the spot wherever she was.
Super fun & talented & just KILLED the whole week.


Naomi Swann

Just like Ryder (above) I wasn't familiar with Naomi but was super impressed with her & she's a real talent. And put her & Ryder together, you have $$$





Gia Vendetti

Also a much buzzed about New Comer to the industry - Her scenes appear to be like this hottie was shot out of a cannon & long ready to do this.
She's a former mormon girl now doing her thing with such an amazing exotic look. A real talent. Check out Gia's appearance on our video coverage at TrickyKid TV.







Vina Sky

I do love my Asian performers! My wife is Asian so you could say I definitely have my tastes. Vina Sky is a performer who was on my list of girls I had hoped to interview for the show but hopefully we will soon. I think she was on my flight to Vegas ironically, how could you miss her? haha.
One of the brightest & just amazing new starlets this year that kills at everything she does.




Hannah Hayes
& Kate Bloom




Ok now get ready for the triple threat - In my opinion these next three are the hottest & most interesting entering the game this year:

Aria Haze

Hat's off to Matrix Models as they have securing the next generation of stars in this industry. Look no further than the AMAZING Aria Haze. She might be the most perfect example of adorable to filthy ratio of any performer ever and her body is perfection. Some out there have been giving her shit online cause she's a naturally thin beauty. Hey, fat-shaming is unacceptable & so is this. Leave this girl alone unless it's to hire her for a shoot, over & over again.


Megan Marx

Megan is such the real deal & the most authentic example of a performer I've ever come across & drop dead gorgeous. She perfectly represents what is now a new kind of performer. Whereas sadly, their is still a stigma of performing in the adult industry as some last resort. Megan is the perfect example of why that is no longer true. Their are women who aspire to be in this business, who look up to other performers and eagerly are pursuing a career in this industry. You are looking at it's next big star. Check out Megan on our TrickyKid Radio program and as well as our TrickyKid TV segment on AVN 2019!



Kenzie Reeves

Quite simply the QUEEN - The hottest & brightest star their is. Nominated in practically every category & some they had to invent as we've never seen anything like her. If anyone was literally born to be in this business it's Kenzie & she is as fun, & candid & awesome as she is to die for physically. Her killer personality, unwavering positivity & face-melting looks & charms combined with her genuine love of what shes does makes her unstoppable.
Jenna.Sasha.Kenzie - Watch the throne. And don't miss Kenzie on TrickyKid Radio on TrickyKid TV!







Camgirl Takeover

When you first walk into the Expo halls you can't help but be overwhelmed by the rows & rows of gorgeous (usually early 20's) camgirls like in action, camming live right before your very eyes. It's like a gang haha - The expo itself is sponsored by MyFreeCams.com & you will see it's alumni travelling in packs in their unmistakable green MFC gear. They prowl with an attitude of a new breed - whereas perhaps previously camming was looked at as the amateurs & performing on actual sets with a full production is what it took to be considered to be a part of the actual industry. That's no longer  the case as now the stars of the industry are seeing that these girls are doing big business & insist on being taken seriously & they are making so much money without as much maintenance.
Social interaction definitely seems to be the future of how patrons prefer to receive the product & that was never more apparent at this year's festivities.






Alex Blake (right)



Crazy time with Cam Girl Superstar Alex Coal sampling a Sybian ride (look it up) with Ryder (see? I told you she was everywhere & with once again Naomi Swann) & Kara Grace




We profiled Stormy in 2017 (the last time we covered this Expo) as she is one of the purest examples of genetic perfection we've ever come across. As a species she has evolved light speeds ahead of  the rest of us & is one of the most profoundly attractive humans you will ever encounter. To experience her in person is to have your face melted.





Most Popular Performers

Then of course are the girls that draw the biggest crowds, signed to contracts with the biggest production companies that their name alone has lines wrapped around the hotel to meet.



Kendra Cole (left) 
& Ginger Banks & her sister (right)





Joanna Angel (left)



Ariana Marie

Ariana is not only one of the hottest performers ever but she's also one of the nicest & the coolest. See for yourself but checking out Ariana's appearance on our weekly TrickyKid Radio Podcast. A Dallas native like us & just awesome in everything that she does.





Nickey Huntsmen



Rebel Lynn



Emily Willis

Now while Emily Willis is someone who technically would qualify as a newcomer but immediately became one of the most popular girls not only currently but like ever. Judging from the pics, it's not hard to see why.





Kissa Sins






Tushy/Blacked/Greg Lansky

Ok, whereas Greg Lansky is the most popular & decorated director in the adult industry, & a swell guy as far as I can tell, not to mention his roster of talent is unparalleled & this speaks nothing to the actual girls themselves but there was something very "You Can't Sit With Us" about the Tushy/Blacked footprint this year.

Again this speaks more to just the nature of the beast. People are gonna flock to the most popular girls just like they do in other forms of entertainment.
Most popular doesn't always mean the best & no greater proof of that is that Kenzie Reeves should have been the hands down winner of Best New Starlet.
She wasn't & I feel it's because she doesn't concern herself with hanging with the cool crowd (& her optimism might not be as appreciated as it should be). She will be the first to congratulate the winner & be supportive & that's why we love her so much.


Nikki Knightly (left)
& Adriana Checik



Megan Rain (left)
& Katana K (right)


Kimber Woods (left)
& Isabella Nice (right)


Gina Derza






Photos -

Roy Turner


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