Inside AVN Expo 2020 & Awards Show

AVN 2020- Scenes from the largest Adult Industry Expo in the world 

The 4 day AVN Expo leading up to the big night is a hotbed of networking activity, but also a super fun & often times surreal environment & the best of those terms possible. 
Imagine a convention trade floor with several rooms filled with some of the most desirable women on the planet in outfits that would never see the light of day outside the Hard Rock Hotel on a mid-day afternoon. 
It's bustling with corporate ambition & fervor while at the same time there are rows of cams girls the entire length of the main hallway performing for a world wide audience, there is truly nothing else like it. 

However, this time besides my annual DJ residency, I was in town filming for my upcoming documentary on King's X.  I arrived on Wednesday, the first day of the expo but didn't make it over there till Thursday.

Forgive me for beginning with negativity as we really did have fun, but by all means this is most likely my last year.
Here's why: In over 5 years we as an outlet & social entity despite our best efforts/intentions have just not been able to penetrate this industry to a respectable level that makes it worth our time to be here. If you worked at something for 5 years & are in no higher position as the day you started you either resign yourself to mediocrity or you stop wasting your time. Our press passes are basically a free ticket to the expo that any fan can buy & nothing more. We are not invited to cover the awards or even the red carpet or to participate in any of the pre-show coverage. We are given a pass to the expo & then forgotten about. Socially we haven't been able to ssecure invitations to where the real action is (as in any industry) or to any parties fort that matter. No sister outlet to distribute our coverage. While we enjoy the people we meet & the performers we interview who are gracious to appear on our program, it's not enough, until we are extended the respect we've earned and given a true purpose to be here, we will not be back.

Now normally this is broken down over 2 to 3 posts + the awards coverage - However this year, this will be the only post but we will pack it all in. 

Here it is: The Final Year of AVN at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Newest Starlets 
Cam Girl Takeover
Girls of the Expo
Most Popular Performers 


Newest Starlets - 

For me personally, the most enjoyable part of the Expo is being introduced to all of the newest starlets. I come from a DIY/Punk Rock background so I'm always gonna be supporting & cheering on the underdog or the newest person on the team in any industry. That's not to say that my support wains after they've become more established but it's so enjoyable to meet someone that is here for the first time & see feel their excitement & expectation. 

We will also include starlets where it may not be necessary their first time to AVN but they are in fact new to me:



Loved meeting Athena, who has one of the most infectious personalities & a real passion for the industry. She is a bright, bubbly & super sexy bottle of joy that will bless any filmmakers set in the year to come.



Sky Pierce

An absolute star - Not a star in the making, though she is brand new, but when you see someone with star quality you know it & Sky has that in spades & then some.




 Leah Winters

An outstanding newcomer destined for great things - And possibly the greatest business card I've ever received. Most just have a pic of the performer & social media links. Leah's has a fun bio that reads: "I love sucking cocks, making money and smoking weed. Follow me to the sweetest hell". We believe her and would follow her anywhere.



Kiaara Kai




Zerella Skies
& Gia Derza

Enjoyed meeting both of these performers. Gia is super popular & was nominated last year for Best New Starlet. Zerella is gorgeous new face on the scene & both were some of my fave people we spoke to all week.




Blue Dream

The one performer that stole our hearts & in our opinion WON AVN is the appropriately named Blue Dream. You've never seen perfection like this, if we had a chance at Weird Science, this is the girl we'd create. The most charming, irristible, & dead sexy performer we met all week (& possibly ever).






Cam Girl Takeover

When you enter the Expo the first thing you see is a long MFC footprint with cam models performing in front of their laptops lives streaming from their channel in real time. So let's say for example you've only heard about camming or simply seen an ad online or always wondered what it looked like in person perhaps & then suddenly it's in your face for real en masse. It's intense & useless to resist. They have taken over.


Phoenix Love

I have seen PTL (I call her Praise The Lord) online a bunch & was surprised at how genuinely starstruck I was when I saw her in the hallway. In person, she's exponentially more gorgeous than you could imagine.

I knew she was here as I saw her posting. Apparently there is a musician in attendance this year that is outside my age demographic for me to have heard of or care about that all the female performers seemed to be shitting themselves over. I had to check this dude's band out Atilla - I didn't get it at all, but again I'm not really supposed to. Phoenix however, we get entirely.



Lana Del Bae
& Leana Lovings

Together their names sound like a buddy cop movie I'd watch - In person you would watch anything they do. Leana looks JUST look my first girlfriend so that was cool & she was super nice. Lana has such an incredible look and some of the best art work on her impossibly perfect body I've ever seen.



Yoga Kitty
& Fiona The Fox







Right in front of where I was DJ'n this super cute cam girl came out from behind her laptop & decided to put on an impromptu & get paid in actual cash (until secruity put a stop to it). Damn the man.










Medusa Banks

Initially I mistook her & her boyfriend as fans (which in fact I was hoping they were as I wanted to get a few quotes from a few civilians to ask what they thought of this year's Expo. I love when the female fans show their true love of the industry almost in the same way cosplayers do by being able to maybe wear something quite daring they've been dying to show off & now have the format to do so. To me that's the real deal. This was that, but she's also a budding cam girl.



Emily Bloom
& Audrey Madison

Emily Bloom is the top Cam Girl in the game. Just to show you how cammers have such a presence here, Emily was not only the co-presenter at the Awards this year, they've also included a category of Fave Cam Girl (which she also won). You gotta love a job that may often call on you to ask a co-worker to spank you for a stranger's delight (& they happily oblige).




Expo Floor

Once your off the two main hall ways, their are three large rooms to enter & a two story main room, The Joint that is normally a live music venue.

Megan Marx
& Rocky Emerson

We interviewed Megan last year & it was great to see her again. She has grown so popular in just a year's time (to the surprise of no one). Megan star is only going to continue to rise & deservedly so.

Rocky & I did a series of phone interviews over the Summer for one of my fave episodes ever, I know that she was busy & having to deal with people all day for a week but I have to say I was super looking forward to picking up where we left off, this time in person & was sure she would be excited as well based on how fun the episode was to do but she was completely indifferent. Maybe if I ran into her in a different capacity, things would have been different. It's cool Rocky, we still love you. Here are links to both interviews:

Rocky -






Kendra Cole
& Kimber Veils

Two of my faves over the years, Kendra just seems like a lovable train wreck & Kimber just might be the hottest girl alive (until she starts talking about politics haha).






Most Popular Girls


Rebel Lynn

Our cover girl almost every year we've covered this event and below you can see why. If their is ever anyone that fits the description of The Real Deal it's Rebel. There is no need for any suspension of disbelief, Rebel enjoys her job more than any performer I've ever met. We are all better for it.






Ora Young


Vina Sky

The one performer I was looking forward to meeting & hoping to chat with the most is the impossibly perfect Vina Sky (who belive it or not, looks ALOT like my wife). She was super kind and she is a super star.






Kenzie Reeves

So I saved my fave girl for last - Kenzie is a magical being & to be near her is to be under her spell. My fave moment in all 5 years of covering this event came last year with Miss Reeves and watch THIS & you can see why (sorry for the sound) - The greatest to ever do it in my opinion.


Roy Turner
Morbid Habits

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