Inside AVN Expo 2020 & Awards Show

AVN 2020- Scenes from the largest Adult Industry Expo in the world 

After skipping last year due to other assignments & obligations I returned to Las Vegas to cover the AVN Adult Industry Expo & for the 4th time in 5 years. 
However I did things a bit differently this year as normally as the Expo begins on Wednesday, I usually arrive on Thursday & stay until the AVN Awards ceremony that caps off the industries biggest weekend.

For me personally however its the 4 day AVN Expo leading up to the big night that is the most fun. 
A hotbed of networking activity, but also a super fun & often times surreal environment & the best of those terms possible. 
Imagine a convention trade floor with several rooms filled with some of the most desirable women on the planet in outfits that would never see the light of day outside the Hard Rock Hotel on a mid-day afternoon. 
It's bustling with corporate ambition & fervor while at the same time there are rows of cams girls the entire length of the main hallway performing for a world wide audience, there is truly nothing else like it. 

However, this time besides my annual DJ residency, I was in town filming for my upcoming documentary on King's X.  I arrived on Wednesday, the first day of the expo but didn't make it over there till Thursday.

One thing I must disclaim before we go any further: I mentioned this on our weekly podcast on the AVN episode: 
As a legitimate member of the press you would think a certain distinction comes easy but it doesn't. 
If nothing else I refuse to be just another dude asking for pics (& in some fans' cases that bordered on harassment) in a room where unfuckable gross men are the majority, so with that in mind, I took alot less pictures this year & focuses primarily on interviews & meeting people. Here goes: 

Now normally this is broken down over 2 to 3 posts + the awards coverage - However this year, this will be the only post but we will pack it all in. 

Newest Starlets 
Cam Girl Takeover
Girls of the Expo
Most Popular Performers 


Newest Starlets - 

For me personally, the most enjoyable part of the Expo is being introduced to all of the newest starlets. I come from a DIY/Punk Rock background so I'm always gonna be supporting & cheering on the underdog or the newest person on the team in any industry. That's not to say that my support wains after they've become more established but it's so enjoyable to meet someone that is here for the first time & see feel their excitement & expectation. 

We will also include starlets where it may not be necessary their first time to AVN but they are in fact new to me:







 Leah Winters





















Blue Dream






Cam Girl Takeover


Pass The Love




Yoga Kitty

































Expo Floor


Megan Marx
& Rocky Emerson

















Kendra Cole
& Kimber Veils



Rebel Lynn





Most Popular Girls


Ora Young


Vina Sky





Kenzie Reeves

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