The Stars & Cosplayers of Dallas Fan Days Expo (Oct/2017)

If you've never been to a Comic-Con (what are you waiting for?) essentially it's a market & trade show - at it's base, it's just one big store. All the vendors gathered together in one convenient place. To get the fans to come shop, the convention books stars (past & present) for Q&A's, autograph sessions & photo ops. 
But it's the people that attend that make it so much more. 

The fans of everything that make up this culture are so dedicated that they dress up in amazing cosplay some have prepared all year long to show off t's just SO MUCH FUN.  

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days - October 20th-22nd - Irving Convention Center - Irving, TX 

The Dallas Comic Con organization holds three shows a year - The big Expo in downtown Dallas over the Summer and then two sattelite events dubbed Fan Days held in the smaller venue in Irving, one in the Spring and this show in the Fall.

Sadly, four of the main actors set to make an appearance, including headliner Matt Smith, canceled just a few weeks prior to the event due to scheduling conflicts. However their were still lots of great guests on hand for super fun & candid Q&A panels, autograph sessions & photo ops.


Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale)



Ruth Connell (Rowena in the CW series Supernatural)


The Cosplayers of Fan Days Expo

While the guests, organization, and activities were great the cosplayers really put the event over the top. You could find almost every character imaginable in attendance!


Rachel Maddalena  











Charlotte Dolan








Rachel Leah Welch (left)
Monika Andrea Shamberger (right)



Scarlett Wolf



Amber Rayne (left)



? - Brianna Leahy, ?, IBlue







Claire Deadfield (right)



Ashley Blake










Courtney Paige Allen




w/?. Ciao Beto & ?


Rachel R&R (left)



Keely Madison




Simply X Exotic



Photos - 

Roy Turner
Alan Tjerna
Firebird Images
Der Nerd Truckin
Scott Fischer
Open Book Entertainment














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