TrickyKid Top 25 LPs of 2016

Here it is! - 

As I disclaim every year, I'm not so arrogant that I believe that what we like/listen to is somehow the "Top LPS" of the year or as if I've heard every album that's come out this year - This is simply the stuff that we listened to the most or got the majority of our attention this year. 
So much good stuff - In a year seemingly doomed from the start & with so much loss & confusion in an infuriating political climate we looked to these artists for solace, joy & comfort more than ever.

The following genres still have their own lists this year -  



+ Southern California Desert

Not to exclude them or make them somehow lesser than, just the opposite I did it to isolate and bring attention to them because looking at 40 album covers tend to blend all together at some point.  
I hope you enjoy this, alot of these Year End lists I see tend to be dripping with agenda to show you how knowledgeable that are (or aren't) This is just a fun list intended for use of reflection and sharing. 
 So without further ado... - I give you - 

The TrickyKid Top Lps of 2016


Ok so this was a little more challenging this year as to where to put certain artists. Some below you will agree could probably qualify for any of these fun little lists but for the stuff we were dancing or chilling out to, it lands here.

10) Venetian Snares/Traditional Synthesizer Music

9) Esperanza Spalding/Emily's D+Evolution

8) RJD2/Dame Fortune

7)  M.I.A./AIM


6) Justice/Woman

5) Sophie Beem/Self-Titled EP


4) Majid Jordan/ST

3) Santigold/99 Cents

2) Stranger Things Soundtrack/Vol 1 & 2

1) Die Antwoord/Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid


So many great Hip-Hop artists this year, & some LEGENDS returning after long hiatuses. You may notice the Massive Attack EP in this list.
"Why would you put them HERE, when you put Tricky in the regular list?" & "Are MA really Hip-Hop?"
Answer: As a rule EPs don't qualify for the regular list, & where else could I put them?, maybe electronic.
Answer II : It's just a list.

10) Dalek/Asphalt For Eden

9) J Dilla/The Diary 

8) DJ Shadow/The Mountain Will Fall

7) Kool Keith/.... Presents Tashan Dorrsett - The Preacher
                    /Feature Magnetic

6) Death Grips/Bottomless Pit

5) Saul Williams/MartyrLoserKing

4) Atmosphere/Fishing Blues

3) Massive Attack/Ritual Spirit EP

2) De La Soul/and the Anonymous Nobody

1) A Tribe Called Quest/We Got It From Here....Thank You For Your Service


Southern California Desert 

I like to add a special genre or geographical location if some area is really popping 
This year, so much good music coming out the Southern California desert so they get their own mini-list this year.

5) Sky Valley Mistress/Hell Ain't Got Your Hound (Single)

4) Avon/Mad Marco

3) Brant Bjork/Tao of the Devil

2) Fatso Jetson/Idle Hands

1) Earthlings?/Mudda Fudda

TrickyKid Top 25 LPs of 2016


25) 7 Year Bitch/Live at Moe

24) Leonard Cohen/You Want it Darker


23) The Monkees/Good Times

22) Rival Sons/Hollow Bones


21) Cheap Trick/Bang Zoom Crazy...Hello

20) Dolly Parton/Pure and Simple

19) Diamond Head/Self-Titled

18) Shadow Witch/Sun Killer



17) Violent Femmes/We Can Do Anything

16) The I Don't Cares/Wild Stab

15) Helmet/Dead To The World

14) Warpaint/Heads Up

13) The ILYs/Scum With Boundaries

12) Mike Patton -

      Kaada/Patton/Bacteria Cult

11) Dunsmuir/Self-Titled


10) The Pretty Reckless/Who You Selling For?

9) Dean Ween Group/The Deaner LP

8) Iggy Pop w/ Queens of the Stone Age/Post Pop Depression

7) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Skeleton Tree

6) The Pixies/Head Carrier

5) The Melvins/Basses Loaded 
     Mike & The Melvins/Three Men & a Baby

4) Tricky/Skilled Mechanics

3) Metallica/Hardwired To Self-Destruct

2) David Bowie/Black Star



1) Anthrax/For All Kings

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