Episode 92: Year In Review 2019 - Recap of the 2010s - The Decade Without A Name 

Recorded in Dallas, TX - Our Final Episode of the Year & of the Decade - Join us for a very special look not only at 2019, the last year of this very strange decade without a true name, but the past 10 years as a whole. A people's history of who entered our lives & sadly those who left us. What sentence could you say today that would be elementary that would make zero sense in 2009? That's what we are going for here + a lot of fun & alot of music. A chance to say I'm sorry to anyone that we should have and a delayed middle finger to deserving parties when we never got the chance to. Deplete the bad & in with the new & good. Let's enter this new year & decade with hope & courage. Love to All.



2019 -

Got married, Washington Nationals won their first World Series, King's X are recording their first LP in over a decade (that I'm filming as part of a feature length documentary) finally saw the Welcome To Sky Valley sign & FINALLY sang Christmas songs with Hanson! I'd say it's been one hell of year :)


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